DEG1 (Differential Equations Group Of North-East) is an Italian mathematical platform with the aim of gathering the contributions of researchers, former members and collaborators of the differential equations research groups of the academic institutions in Friuli-Venezia Giulia: University of Trieste, University of Udine and SISSA.
DEG1 is based on the sharing of news, ideas, projects and other academic stuff. Below you can find a collection of recent papers and preprints of the group members, along with their research activities and projects. Some scientific events of interest for the group are also posted.


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DEG1 events

The group organises periodic meetings. The list of past events is available at the page:
past DEG1 events

Twice a month webinars are held in order to keep the group up-to-date with the latest research products of its members:
DEG1 Webinars

Events of interest

[school] Lectures in Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations
Rende (CS), 20-24 Apr 2020

[workshop] XX CEDYA Conferencia de ecuciones diferenciales y aplicaciones
Gijón (Spain), 15-19 Jun 2020

[workshop] 8th European Congress of Mathematics
Portorož (Slovenia), 5-11 July 2020

[school] Modern Aspects of Dynamical Systems (CIME course)
Cetraro (CS), 20-24 July 2020

[workshop] ECMTB 2020 – 12th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology
Heidelberg (Germany), 31 Aug – 4 Sept 2020

[workshop] Differential Equations and Applications
Brno (Czech Republic), 7-10 Sept 2020

[workshop] Convegno GNAMPA 2020
Montecatini Terme, 14‑17 Sept 2020

[workshop] INdAM Workshop “Nonlinear Phenomena: between ODEs and PDEs”
Roma, 14‑18 Sept 2020

[workshop] DSDFE 2020 – Dynamical Systems, Difference and Functional Equations
Krynica‑Zdrój (Poland), 13‑18 Sept 2020

[workshop] Geometric and Variational Methods in Celestial Mechanics
Oaxaca (Mexico), 4-9 Oct 2020

[school] 2nd IST Austria Summer School in Analysis and PDEs
IST Austria, Klosterneuburg (Austria), 2021

[workshop] DS21 – SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems
Portland (US), 23-27 May 2021

[workshop] The 13th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications
Atlanta (US), 17-21 Jun 2021

[conference] ICM 2022 – International Congress of Mathematicians
Saint Petersburg (Russia), 6-14 July 2022



  • W. Ao, A. Jevnikar, W. Yang, Wave equations associated to Liouville-type problems: global existence in time and blow up criteria. pdf-162.png
  • W. Ao, A. Jevnikar, W. Yang, Blow up solutions for Sinh-Gordon equation with residual mass. pdf-162.png
  • D. Bartolucci, A. Jevnikar, On the global bifurcation diagram of the Gel’fand problem. pdf-162.png
  • H. Berestycki, L. Rossi, A. Tellini, Coupled reaction-diffusion equations on adjacent domains. pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, F. Colasuonno, B. Noris, Multiplicity of solutions for the Minkowski-curvature equation via shooting method. pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, W. Dambrosio, G. Feltrin, Periodic solutions to a perturbed relativistic Kepler problem. pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, W. Dambrosio, G. Feltrin, S. Terracini, Parabolic arcs for time-dependent perturbations of the Kepler problem. pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, G. Feltrin, Positive periodic solutions to an indefinite Minkowski-curvature equation. pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, G. Feltrin, E. Sovrano, High multiplicity and chaos for an indefinite problem arising from genetic models. pdf-162.png
  • G. Colombo, P. Gidoni, On the optimal control of rate-independent soft crawlers. pdf-162.png
  • T. Dondè, F. Zanolin, Multiple periodic solutions for a Duffing type equation with one-sided sublinear nonlinearity: Beyond the Poincaré-Birkhoff twist theorem. pdf-162.png
  • C. Fabry, A. Fonda, A systematic approach to nonresonance conditions for periodically forced planar Hamiltonian systems. pdf-162.png
  • A. Fonda, A logarithmic spiral in the complex plane interpolating between the exponential and the circular functions. pdf-162.png
  • A. Fonda, P. Gidoni, Coupling linearity and twist: an extension of the Poincaré–Birkhoff Theorem for Hamiltonian systems. pdf-162.png
  • A. Fonda, J. Mawhin, M. Willem, Multiple periodic solutions of infinite-dimensional pendulum-like equations. pdf-162.png
  • A. Fonda, R. Toader, Subharmonic solutions of weakly coupled Hamiltonian systems. pdf-162.png
  • M. Garrione, Vanishing diffusion limits for planar fronts in bistable models with saturation. pdf-162.png
  • A. Jevnikar, A. Malchiodi, R. Wu, Existence results for a super-Liouville equation on compact surfaces. pdf-162.png
  • A. Jevnikar, A. Malchiodi, R. Wu, Existence results for super-Liouville equations on the sphere via bifurcation theory. pdf-162.png
  • I. S. Labouriau, E. Sovrano, Chaos in periodically forced reversible vector fields. pdf-162.png
  • R. Musina, F. Zuddas, Multiple closed K-magnetic geodesics on S2. pdf-162.png
  • P. Omari, E. Sovrano, Positive solutions of indefinite logistic growth models with flux-saturated diffusion.
  • A. Sfecci, Double resonance in Sturm-Liouville planar boundary value problems. pdf-162.png
  • A. Tellini, Numerical global bifurcation diagrams for a superlinear indefinite problem with a parameter appearing in the domain. pdf-162.png

Publications 2020

  • V. Ambrosio, L. Freddi, R. Musina, Asymptotic analysis of the Dirichlet fractional Laplacian in domains becoming unbounded. J. Math. Anal. Appl. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • V. Barutello, A. Boscaggin, W. Dambrosio, On the Minimality of Keplerian Arcs with Fixed Negative Energy. Qual. Theory Dyn. Syst. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, F. Colasuonno, B. Noris, A priori bounds and multiplicity of positive solutions for p-Laplacian Neumann problems with sub-critical growth, Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, F. Colasuonno, B. Noris, Positive radial solutions for the Minkowski-curvature equation with Neumann boundary conditions, Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. S link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, W. Dambrosio, D. Papini, Periodic solutions to a forced Kepler problem in the plane. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, G. Feltrin, Pairs of positive radial solutions for a Minkowski-curvature Neumann problem with indefinite weight. Nonlinear Anal. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • A. Boscaggin, A. Fonda, M. Garrione, An infinite-dimensional version of the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem on the Hilbert cube, Annali della Scuola Normale di Pisa (in press) pdf-162.png
  • L. Burra, F. Zanolin, Chaos in a Periodically Perturbed Second-Order Equation with Signum Nonlinearity. Internat. J. Bifur. Chaos Appl. Sci. Engrg. link-16.png
  • J. Chu, M. Garrione, F. Gazzola, Stability analysis in some strongly prestressed rectangular plates, Evol. Equ. Control Theory link-16.pngpdf-162.png
  • C. Corsato, C. De Coster, F. Obersnel, P. Omari, Qualitative analysis of a curvature equation modeling MEMS with vertical loads. Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl.
  • G. Dal Maso, C.J. Larsen, R. Toader, Elastodynamic Griffith fracture on prescribed crack paths with kinks, NoDEA Nonlinear Differential Equations Appl. link-16.png
  • F. Dalbono, M. Franca, A. Sfecci, Multiplicity of ground states for the scalar curvature equation. Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • T. Dondè, Uniform persistence in a prey–predator model with a diseased predator, J. Math. Biol. link-16.png pdf-162.pngpdf-162.png
  • T. Dondè, F. Zanolin, Multiple periodic solutions for one-sided sublinear systems: A refinement of the Poincaré-Birkhoff approach, Topol. Methods Nonlinear Anal. (in press) pdf-162.png
  • G. Feltrin, P. Gidoni, Multiplicity of clines for systems of indefinite differential equations arising from a multilocus population genetics model. Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • R. Folino, M. Garrione, M. Strani, Stability properties and dynamics of solutions to viscous conservation laws with mean curvature operator, J. Evolution Equations (in press) link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • A. Fonda, G. Klun, A. Sfecci, Periodic solutions of nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems bifurcating from infinite-dimensional tori. Nonlinear Anal. link-16.png pdf-162.png
  • M. Garrione, F. Gazzola, Linear theory for beams with intermediate piers, Commun. Contemp. Math. (in press) link-16.pngpdf-162.png
  • J. López-Gómez, E. Muñoz-Hernández, F. Zanolin, On the applicability of the Poincaré–Birkhoff twist theorem to a class of planar periodic predator-prey models. Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. link-16.png
  • J. López-Gómez, P. Omari, Characterizing the formation of singularities in a superlinear indefinite problem related to the mean curvature operator. J. Differential Equations link-16.png
  • J. López-Gómez, P. Omari, Regular versus singular solutions in a quasilinear indefinite problem with an asymptotically linear potential. Adv. Nonlinear Stud.
  • G. Klun, On functions having coincident p-norms, Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. (in press) link-16.png
  • C. Mora-Corral, A. Tellini, Relaxation of a scalar nonlocal variational problem with a double-well potential. Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations link-16.png
  • P. Omari, E. Sovrano, Positive solutions of superlinear indefinite prescribed mean curvature problems. Commun. Contemp. Math.
  • E. Sovrano, How to Construct Complex Dynamics? A Note on a Topological Approach. Internat. J. Bifur. Chaos Appl. Sci. Engrg. link-16.png

Past publications

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Progetti di Ricerca GNAMPA 2019

  • Il modello di Born-Infeld per l’elettromagnetismo nonlineare: esistenza, regolarità e molteplicità di soluzioni
    P.I.: Francesca Colasuonno. Participants: Alberto Boscaggin, Maurizio Garrione, Benedetta Noris, Alessandro Iacopetti

Past projects

You can find a list here.